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    Untreated acne in time can leave scars. There are several ways to treat them, depending on the type of scar and the color of the patient’s skin. Treatment is usually long and requires patience, but the results are satisfactory. It is often necessary to use more than one method to obtain a better result.


    See the most used techniques


    Chemical peels: They are acids applied to the skin with the objective of peeling it off and promoting the exchange of layers of the skin, with formation of new collagen and improvement of spots.

    Fractional CO2 Laser:
    It is a laser where the parallel beams reach the skin islets. Healthy skin around the islets remains preserved and helps heal the areas affected by the laser. With this, there is intense production of new collagen and improved skin texture

    Intense pulsed light: It generates heat in the skin and stimulates the collagen, with great improvement of the texture, spots and vases as well.

    Skin Filling:
    Hyaluronic acid is injected underneath the scar, lifting it and smoothing out the relief of the skin, in addition to stimulating the collagen. The effect lasts from 1 to 2 years.

    Scar Surgery: Elevation of the bottom of depressed scars may be done, complete removal of the scar, with suture, with or without skin grafting.

    Used to elevate depressed scars. The bottom of the scar is adhered to deeper tissues and the technique is to release the skin from these tissues by peeling it off.

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