Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear following intense and rapid stretching of skin, with rupture of collagen and elastic fibers. This often occurs during pregnancy, puberty (with rapid growth) or through fluctuations in body weight. Some oral or topical medications can also cause stretch marks, such as corticosteroids. Stretch marks should be treated as soon as they appear […]


Psoriasis, vitiligo and atopic dermatitis, among other skin diseases, often require long treatment periods with medications that often cause side effects. Phototherapy can be an excellent alternative for such cases, and may be applied alone or in combination with other topical or oral treatments in both adults and children. In addition to faster improvement in […]

Hair Loss – MMP

Queda de Cabelos - MMP

New treatments for hair loss have recently emerged, using medications and procedures such as microneedling with microinfusion of drugs into the skin, a technique known today as MMP. In this treatment, utilizing a microneedle device, growth factors, vitamins, minoxidil, finasteride and other substances that stimulate the hair growth and reduce hair loss are applied to […]

Tattoo Removal

Remoção de Tatuagem

Laser treatments can partially or totally remove tattoos. The number of sessions and the result depend on the type of ink and technology that were used to create the tattoo. The removal requires post-procedure care, including intensive use of moisturizer and sunscreen, similar to the process required when getting a tattoo.

Under Eye Circles

There are several types of undereye circles, and Dr. Natalia Cymrot is an expert on this topic, having published academic studies and publications. We can help you minimize the aesthetic impact caused by dark circles through state-of-the-art procedures and equipment. Laser or intense pulsed light is recommended to soften dark circles caused by excess melanin […]

Laser Hair Removal

Depilação a Laser

Permanent hair removal is an effective and safe way to remove unwanted hair permanently. The technique can be used, for example, on the face (removal of beard or unibrow), on the back, shoulders, chest, stomach and underarms. We use two laser treatments for hair removal: Fotona Laser – The Neodymium YAG laser, an exclusive Fotona […]

Acne and other Scars

Cicatrizes de Acne e Outras

Currently, there are several ways to smooth acne scars and other types of scars. Oftentimes, more than one method is needed to obtain ideal results. Some techniques are: Fotona Laser – The technology utilizes high-precision laser beams to soften scars and, at the same time, stimulate the production of natural collagen. The result is long-term […]


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Treatments for Intimate Areas

The diameter of the vaginal canal is defined by the set of pelvic floor muscles and ligaments. Even without vaginal delivery, vaginal relaxation can be observed due to loss of muscle tone. The approach of menopause aggravates this situation, due to a related reduction of collagen and elastin. Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome causes the woman to […]

Onychomycosis (nail fungus)

Onychomycosis, or the fungi that develop under the fingernails, is often difficult to treat. But with the innovative Fotona laser technology, the treatment is simple and effective. The Nd: YAG laser is applied to nails, which uniformly and deeply heats the affected tissues. In this way, it destroys the fungi and allows for healthy nail […]