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Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease that mainly affects women after 30 years of age. Some foods may worsen the condition in certain patients (coffee, alcohol, pepper and hot sauces), as well as cold, intense heat and sun exposure.

The disease mainly reaches the central region of the face and begins by redness, initially transient, in outbreaks, but then becomes persistent.


Rosacea is a disease of chronic disease and there is no treatment that permanently eliminates it, but it can be kept under control. The factors that cause it to worsen should be avoided. Treatment may be topical based on creams, antibiotic gels, immunomodulators, skin depressants, or orally, usually with antibiotics or isotretinoin.

The redness, vessels and inflamed lesions can be treated with laser or intense pulsed light, with excellent results. Currently some types of lasers and intense pulsed light are treatments of choice for rosacea. In more severe cases, with nodules and increased nose volume (rhinophyma), CO2 laser and / or surgery help a lot.

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