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Vitiligo Treatments

It is an autoimmune disease of the skin where the body’s immune system attacks the pigmented cells of the skin, the melanocytes, causing the appearance of light or white spots. It is present in 1% of the general population and can occur at any stage of life, whether or not it is related to physical or psychological trauma.


It varies according to the extent and activity of the disease. It is based on products of topical use, such as corticoid creams, immunomodulators, psoralens, surgery, phototherapy (light baths), camouflage (corrective makeup or tattooing of spots), depigmentation with substances that clarify areas of healthy skin, When the affected body area is greater than 50%).

Phototherapy, in the clinic, is made with modern narrowband UVB lamps, with very good results for vitiligo and countless other types of white patches of skin, resulting from other dermatological diseases. Phototherapy with narrowband UVB lamps can be safely and safely performed in adults and children as it does not require the use of oral medications.

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